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**COVID-19 Response**

PhysioCare Home HealthCare & Hospice continues to monitor and adopt information and protocols regarding COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”) as it is received from official healthcare and emergency agencies. The health and well-being of our patients,employees & partners is always a priority. Our staff has reviewed and is enacting established methods of infection control and hygiene. PhysioCare staff also follows the policies and restrictions of our partners and referral sources as we all work together towards addressing this growing health issue. Please contact PhysioCare with any questions or concerns.

PhysioCare Hospice strives to be known by healthcare professionals and the community as the premier provider of holistic, compassionate and skilled hospice care. We specifically focus on the person not just the illness. Our holistic approach encompasses medical, emotional and spiritual care throughout the stages of life-limiting illness. Our desire is to ensure our patients live out their remaining days in comfort and peace, wherever they call home - their own residence, a family members home, an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility or hospital - all the while retaining their dignity.

We ask our patients to activly participate in the decision making process and to fully express their wishes so that priority can be given to care that effectively and compassionately meets their needs.

We also offer services for the family to equip them with emotional, spiritual and medical coping strategies during this difficult time. We understand that caring for a loved one with a terminal illness can be disheartening. However, we know that choosing the right hospice care provider can allow the family to share fulfilling, meaningful and intimate time together.

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